Since I was a child, I worked at creating art alongside my mother who was a seamstress.  I would use the scraps of material to make dresses for my dolls and other crafts.  Most of my paintings are  created using mixed media, papers, acrylic paint, texture mediums,collage items,on canvas or board.  I like to emphasize design with the use of color, line and texture but the overall feeling of the work will be in the poetry of color.  Inspiration for my compositions can come from anything: Landscape, flowers, people, animals, a piece of fabric, clouds, and atmosphere; these are a few examples of things that get my mind going.  The concept behind my art is to not copy nature but rather take the essence of a scene or object and create something new, in somewhat abstract manner.  At the end I want my paintings to remind the viewer of the simple, beautiful things that surround us, so that we can take a closer look and enjoy them.